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Version: 1.2.0


The RowAction class is used to help you return valid RowAction values to myAvatar. These values instruct myAvatar to add, edit, or delete a RowObject upon receipt of the response from the ScriptLink API.

AvatarScriptLink.NET will set this value for you automatically when using the library's methods. However, if you modify a FormObject or a FieldObject's properties directly then you will need to remember to set the RowObject.RowAction as well.

ActionmyAvatar ValueDescription
RowAction.Add"ADD"Instructs myAvatar to add this RowObject to form.
RowAction.Delete"DELETE"Instructs myAvatar to remve this RowObject from the form.
RowAction.Edit"EDIT"Instructs myAvatar to edit this RowObject on the form.
RowAction.None""(default) Instructs myAvatar to do nothing to this RowObject.