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Version: 1.2.0


The FieldObject represents a field on a myAvatar form. AvatarScriptLink.NET adds several utility methods to assist with handlings these objects.


EnabledGets or sets the Enabled value. The supported values are 0 (False) and 1 (True).
FieldNumberGets or Sets the FieldNumber value.
FieldValueGets or sets the FieldValue value.
LockGets or sets the Lock value. The supported values are 0 (False) and 1 (True).
RequiredGets or sets the Required value. The supported values are 0 (False) and 1 (True).


Builder()Initializes a builder for constructing a FieldObject.
Clone()Creates a copy of the FieldObject.
GetFieldValue()Returns the FieldValue of a FieldObject.
Initialize()Initializes an empty FieldObject. This FieldObject will be disabled, unlocked, and not required upon initialization.
IsEnabled()Returns whether the FieldObject is enabled.
IsLocked()Returns whether the FieldObject is locked.
IsModified()Returns whether the FieldObject has been modified.
IsRequired()Returns whether the FieldObject is required.
SetAsDisabled()Sets FieldObject as disabled and marks the FieldObject as modified.
SetAsEnabled()Sets FieldObject as enabled and marks the FieldObject as modified.
SetAsLocked()Sets FieldObject as locked and marks the FieldObject as modified.
SetAsModified()Sets FieldObject as modified.
SetAsRequired()Sets FieldObject as required and marks the FieldObject as modified.
SetAsUnlocked()Sets FieldObject as unlocked and marks the FieldObject as modified.
SetFieldValue(string)Sets the FieldValue of a FieldObject and marks the FieldObject as modified.
ToHtmlString(bool)Returns the FieldObject as an HTML string. The <html>, <head>, and <body> tags can be included if desired.
ToJson()Returns the FieldObject as a JSON string.
ToXml()Returns the FieldObject as an XML string.


Most implementations would not require working with the FieldObject directly, however here is an example that uses the FieldObject to create an FieldObject for Unit Testing.

// Available in v.1.2 or later
public void TestMethod1WithFluentBuilder()
var expected = "value";
FieldObject fieldObject = FieldObject.Builder()
Assert.AreEqual(expected, fieldObject.FieldValue);

public void TestMethod1WithSimplifiedConstructor()
var expected = "value";
FieldObject fieldObject = new FieldObject
FieldNumber = "123.45",
FieldValue = expected,
Enabled = "1"
Assert.AreEqual(expected, fieldObject.FieldValue);

Detailed Class Diagram